Press Release


Saturday, September 7, 2013
at the Northeast Quadrant of the Washington Monument, Washington DC
Speaker portion: 11AM to 1PM
March for America’s Wolves, to the US Capitol: 1:30 to 3PM

Washington DC – The National Rally to Protect America’s Wolves! is a grassroots-created demonstration and rally to defend and protect America’s wolves. Once again in this country, wolves are being unjustly persecuted and cruelly massacred, in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Alaska and elsewhere. The mission of the Rally is to unite wolf and wildlife defenders from around the country and demonstrate to our nation’s leaders that a respectful and humane majority of American citizens are demanding federal protection for America’s wolves, under the Endangered Species Act, in every state throughout their historic range.

Wolves are native, ecologically vital and beautiful members of the North American landscape. Wherever they live, wolves are remarkable, natural predators that keep their prey species healthy and strong. Wolves have been persecuted and massacred for centuries due to human ignorance, intolerance and cruelty. It is the very opposite of the respect, admiration and protection they deserve. Wolves are highly social, sensitive and intelligent beings and like all canines, they are loyal and loving to their families, their wolf pack.

Yet, the Obama administration, Republicans and Democrats in Congress and state wildlife agencies have ganged up on wolves in a way that is unjustified by honest science and unethical with regard to the right of native wildlife to live and thrive in what is their native homeland, too. There is no scientific or ethical justification to support the hunting, trapping and elimination of wolves or any other predator species. Such actions are actually contrary to best available science. See the letter from 16 top wildlife biologists and conservation scientists to Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell calling for the re-listing of wolves under the Endangered Species Act.

Cattlemen have continually maligned wolves in a brutal way that is dishonest and unjust. Wolves are actually responsible for a miniscule number of cattle deaths every year. For example, in Wyoming during all of 2011, wolves took only 35 out of 1,300,000 cattle that roam this huge state; non-native cattle that are often very poorly supervised on public lands that should be safe havens for America’s native wildlife. That number represents a depradation rate of only .0035%. In Montana, the numbers are similarly negligible: 74 cattle taken by wolves out of 2,500,000 cattle, which is a tiny .003% rate. These accurate statistics are easily verified with the US Fish & Wildlife Service and are similar in other cattle states including Idaho. Cattlemen have been dictating federal and state wildlife policy for too long. It’s not healthy for our nation’s ecology, it’s extremely unfair to wolves and other native predators and it is damaging the spirit of our country as more citizens, decent Americans, learn the actual facts.

Many elk, deer and trophy hunter lobby groups have pushed similarly false anti-wolf propaganda. Some of these groups, such as the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Safari Club International, repeatedly claim that wolves decimate prey species and leave little for human hunters. This is a nonsensical accusation, as scientific data from anti-wolf, anti-native predator state wildlife agencies themselves, conclusively prove that even as wolves returned to their native lands in the United States, prey species populations have exploded. For instance, in Montana, according to the Montana Division of Fish, Wildlife and Parks, there were 90,000 elk before wolves began returning to the state on their own, from Canada, in the 1970′s and 80′s. That same state agency now estimates the elk population at 140,000. State wildlife officials there and in other Rocky Mountain states are currently pleading with hunters to kill more elk, as there are now too many. It’s time to stop this dishonesty and hateful propaganda, which results in the persecution and massacre of vital and innocent wolves, including wolf pups.

The National Rally to Protect America’s Wolves! has 24 Rally Partners, wolf and wildlife defender organizations from around the US, including two groups from overseas. Currently there are ten grassroots wolf defenders scheduled to speak at the Rally, including a book author (about wolves) from Alaska, a police officer and retired college professor from Wisconsin, a native person from Minnesota, a former rancher from Colorado and other excellent wolf defenders from Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts and California.

The Rally message is simple and direct: the wildlife-respecting, humane and ethical majority of citizens in this country, and like-minded people from around the world, have had enough of the brutalization, persecution and slaughter of wolves and other native wildlife. It is time for decency, respect and co-existence towards America’s wolves and all native wildlife to be the new American way.

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MEDIA CONTACT: Robert Goldman, Principal Organizer
Phone: 207-831-5929

(Note: For Network TV and Cable TV coverage, a press riser is being provided, along with other necessary support infrastructure.)